Cisum Percussion

Collaborating In Styles, United (by) Music

Collaborating in Styles, United [by] Music

Cisum Percussion is a New York City based percussion collective originally founded in 2012 as a percussion duo. They immediately began performing and recording with a common goal of finding new capabilities within the percussion realm.  A few years later, along with some growth in their vision, Cisum Percussion has expanded into a larger group featuring some of NYC’s top young artists.

As an ensemble, Cisum shares a goal of expanding and developing the styles and capabilities within modern day percussion literature. The vast wealth of backgrounds the ensemble possesses span a plethora of musical styles and creates a unique environment in which nothing is impossible. The group revels in the performance of a crossbreed of styles such as contemporary classical music, minimalism, funk, jazz, and more combined with the use of visual arts and theater. Constantly seeking out new works and composers, Cisum Percussion continues to explore this genre-melding sound world through the steady commissioning and collaboration of other artists.

Cisum Percussion's current and past projects include their annual "Composing for Percussion" workshop as well as collaborations with composers and artists such as Dave Molk, Wally Gunn, Michael Laurello, Catherine Bookman, Casey Cangelosi, Bungalow and more. Some highlights include performances within the tri-state area, clinics/master classes serving Long Island’s public schools and music education programs, the commission and premiere of “Nocturne” by Casey Cangelosi, the creation and premiere of the internationally known percussion series “Motions,” the creation of a bi-yearly call for scores/composition contest and the premiere of “Shadow Evolutions” (commission by North Shore Symphony Orchestra, written by Nicholas V. Hall) for two percussionists and symphony orchestra.


TBD - Molly Joyce - 2019 (Duo in collaboration with the “New Works for Percussion” project)

TBD - Alyssa Weinberg - 2018 (Duo in collaboration with the "New Works for Percussion" project)

it resonates? - Nicholas V. Hall - 2018 (trio)

Ore- Wally Gunn - 2018 (Duo in collaboration with the "New Works for Percussion" project)

Meuseum of Patterns- Brooks Frederickson - 2017 (Solo in collaboration with a consortium lead by Jason Treuting)

to those who DREAM- Dave Molk - 2017 (Quartet, for the 2017 Composing for Percussion Workshop)

hope- Dave Molk - 2017 (Solo for Nicholas V. Hall in collaboration with the "New Works for Percussion" project)

Quartet- Michael Laurello - 2017 (Quartet)

Motion no. 7 - Nicholas V. Hall - 2017 (Duo)

All Experiences Come and Go- Nicholas V. Hall - 2016 (Quartet)

Motion no. 3 - Nicholas V. Hall - 2013 (Duo)

Shadow Evolutions- Nicholas V. Hall - 2013 (Duo Concerto, co-commissioned by the North Shore Symphony Orchestra)

Nocturne- Casey Cangelosi - 2012/2013 (Duo)

Motion no. 2 - Nicholas V. Hall - 2012 (Duo)

Motion no. 1 - Nicholas V. Hall - 2012 (Duo)


2017 Composing for Percussion (Fellow Composers)

Quartet - Alex Appel (Quartet), frames - Sullivan Boecker (Quartet), Recken - Kyle Brenn (Duo), Fifeteen Artisinal Ringtones - Brian Ciach (Trio), Knock on Wood - Avner Finberg (Quartet), Suite for Two Glockenspiels - Jesse Greenberg (Duo), After All Is Said - Nicholas Hubbell (Duo), Pleiades - Sunbin Kim (Trio), Demilune - Kyle Krause (Trio), Strangling All That I Love - Kyle Lewis (Duo), Rose Traces - Jeremy Rapaport-Stein (Quartet), construct (v.) - Sebastian Zel (Trio)

2015 Call-for-Scores

Every Instrument In This Room - Geoff Sheil (Duo)

2013 Call-for-Scores

Rapid Evolutions - Nathan Ray Wilkerson (Duo)

We would like to thank our backers and supporters for their continued help in our program:

Kayla Dempsey, Maureen Hall, Arthur Hall, Donna Dempsey, Gerard Dempsey, Dorothy Garbe, Deborah-Ann Robinson, Julian Robinson, Susan Deaver, Janina Leon, Dave Alcorn, Justin Scheidling, Jessica Kramer, Laura Garbe, Michelle Goldberg, Edward Schreiner, P.D. Waltman, Melanie Voytovich, Janice Rhinebolt, Mara Cella, Timothy Hall, Robert Ferro, Danielle Rosone Kozikowski, Margie Cella, Raymond Cella, Elizabeth Rosone, Barbara Fiore, Matt Fewer, Jeff Rettew.