Cisum Percussion

Collaborating In Styles, United (by) Music


The idea behind the Motion series is to design a set of percussion duets that are not only technically challenging but also musically diverse. The goal is to reach a wide audience of performers and listeners within a multitude of different genres. The motions are about the movements of two musicians working together to create a single musical moment; ensemble communication and rhythmic diversity is key. The series, consisting of two volumes, utilizes different styles from around the world with an emphasis on collaboration between performers. Some examples of influences you can hear include: taiko drumming, fusion music, minimalism, drum set grooves, polyrhythms, street sounds, clave patterns, subway performers and more. Each Motion creates a unique environment and the series may be performed in its entirety, as small sub-groupings or as individual pieces.

Volume I

Volume I of the Motion series constists of 7 percussion duets with a focus on condensed, or portable, set-ups that have the performers sharing much of the instrumental space. This concept was born with both the idea of creating a collaborative sound between two performers on the same instruments, as well as the necesecity of transporting these set-ups to and from rehearsals and performances. The goal with the intial series was to be able to present a full length program of percussion duets that could easily fit into the trunk space of the average car or SUV. Along with each individual piece from Volume I having each performer sharing instruments, there are also several instruments that carry over from one piece to the next in order to minimize time for set changes, as well as minimializing the amount of gear needed for the entire program. 


Following a trend from Volume I of the Motion series, the second concept and second Volume of duets was born. Volume I consists of many musical ideas and concepts derived from "drum-set" styles of performance that were then transferred to more classical and contemporary percussion set-ups. With this idea in mind, the concept of Volume II is to combine the actual use of drum-sets in a duet form that transfers some more contemporary writing styles into this setting side-by-side with the same drum-set style influences. This set of duets is planned to consist of another 7 pieces each revolving around the initial set-up of two drum-sets facing each other. The majority of each piece will cycle different parts of each kit in and out of the set-up to create new sounds for each duet. A few of the pieces will also feature the use of common "concert" instruments, such as the marimba, along side the use of the drum-set in a further attempt to combine both worlds. Although these set-ups are a bit larger than those found in Volume I, the same goal of sharing much of each set-up when moving from piece to piece still remains. Volume II is currently in it's "concept" stage and continues to be developed with new ideas and goals before the writing process begins.